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The philosophy behind lifecycle financial planning is simple:  Maintain a basket of financial and insurance products, adjusting them as your needs change.  But not so fast!


the cain & osborne difference

Lifecycle money management is not new.  But at Cain & Osborne, we’ve improved on the concept by structuring your financial plan so that the income from your assets never runs out.  Most plans are structured to care for you until age 90.  Ours go to 100 and beyond.  And if you want to live beyond 100, we can certainly work with you in planning for that too!

You face many challenges that necessitate protecting your savings so you won’t outlive them:

  • Government retirement benefits that were never designed to provide a full retirement income
  • The reduction in the availability of defined benefit plans from employers and the precarious state of employer-funded retirement plans
  • The erosion of buying power through inflation
  • The possibility of a market downturn when you most need your assets
  • The increase in life expectancy and the rising costs of providing comfortable health and living care as we age. 

With our guidance as your financial planners, you’ll be able to make choices about earning, spending, saving, insuring, and investing.   Our six step process involves you in your financial plan through every stage of your lifecycle.

The Wealth Creation Process Makes Sense

Wealth creation drives the process that Cain & Osborne Associates maintains throughout your lifetime.  You won’t hear trumpets or gongs at the end of each step.  Well, maybe you will!  As your financial planners, we treat this process as a relationship between you and your investments and your advisor.

Plan Your Trip of a Lifetime

So you’re off to Barbados?  How much time did you spend picking the right hotel, researching the sights, shopping for new clothes, and booking your flights?  All for a one-week get-away. Now think of your retirement as a holiday, one that can last decades.  Take the time you would spend to plan your holiday and apply it to the time you need to spend planning for your retirement.  Then multiply that figure by as many weeks as you’ll be retired!  Now that’s planning!

Step 0: Booking a Free Consultation

Step 0!  Yes, because you have to do this one before you do any of the others.  Besides, we love talking to people.  We meet you in your home, at your office, or in the cozy comfort of a coffee oasis of your choice.  Call us to get ideas on a financial plan that protects the savings you never outlive.

We Have Tools That Empower You to Create Income That Lasts a Lifetime

Yes! We have developed a set of tools to help you with lifecycle planning